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a propos de nous

a propos de nous

We arrived in Madeira at the end of 2019.

We had plans to open bed and breakfasts when Paul retired.

We like contact, and the idea of cutting ourselves off from everything and everyone, stopping our independent activities, did not seem bearable to us.

We have therefore nurtured this project for almost five years, endless evenings on the internet to inform ourselves about the real estate market in Portugal, sites specializing in the rental of guest rooms, and listening to the advice of people already in the profession.

We had chosen the north of Portugal for our research, for its milder climate and its luxuriant nature.

In Belgium Nelson was a hotel manager in Luxembourg, me, trained as an accountant, I was in turn salesman in office equipment, advertising support, storekeeper, roofer (roofing), florist, window washer and we held in same time our tea room every weekend.

One of the search sites for houses for sale in Portugal sent us one day a house for sale in Madeira, an island that we did not know at all!

For our first year of house scouting, we opted to go to Madeira to eliminate this option in order to avoid any regrets on our first option which had long been northern Portugal.

We instantly fall in love with the island from the view from the window of the plane, we looked at each other, and in 5 seconds our decision was made! We buy in Madeira!

For lack of money, we miss a very good deal on this first trip, on our return to Belgium we put our house up for sale. Once sold, we leave the following week definitively for Madeira, with just a well-thought-out project, but nothing concrete on the spot.

We had to find in less than three months, bank cover, the right real estate agent, the right location, and finally the most appropriate house for bed and breakfast services, the right furniture suppliers and so on!

One week from the end of our right to housing credit, we have found the ideal house for our visitors, with a breathtaking view and space! independent rooms, a garden and a sea view!

We have started the development and upgrading work. To the current requirements of travelers, room insulation, window openings, furnishings, high quality bedding etc... we had started the three-week embellishment work, which we were caught up in by the covid crisis... and lost all our first reservations!

If we have suddenly gained a lot of time to refine our work and arrangements, we had to wait almost a year and a half to finally be able to open our rooms to our guests, who to our great surprise we went straight to the appointments!

We have been married for 17 years as of May 2022 - our holidays are to receive our respective families and our most regular visitors who often become almost friends to real friends!… and our vacation is to receive our new visitors and to share with them our knowledge of the island but also and above all to make discoveries with them!

We have no regrets about having left Belgium, and for the moment quite the opposite! we appreciate every day our choice of life and our living space, we never tire of the view and the calm which are becoming a real luxury these days.

""We say this every day that would be too bad to keep so much beauty and quality of life just for the two of us! "