Excursions formula

Photo non contractuelle

Photo non contractuelle


We are at your disposal, with our car for your visits of the island.

The excursion service should not be confused with a taxi and / or limousine service , we only offer the service as part of the rental of one or two of our rooms, and only for the maximum duration of the stay. (does not include the service to put down and drop off at the airport, which is another service at a lower cost to be reserved separately).

The service can be booked in advance here on the site, or by e-mail to maderedocevida@gmail.com or by phone and even upon your arrival to the extent of our availability and as part of the reservation. one or two bedrooms.

The service is offered from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the excursion day is a package (1 *)which begins from the start regardless of the actual duration of these with a return scheduled for a maximum of 18 hours (the package is not due in the event of major bad weather and / or interruption due to a case of force majeure) .The additional time is counted at 8 p.m. / hrs any time started is due, and this within the limit of our availability.We offer to accompany and guide our visitors on their hikes at the express request of these, included in the price .

The excursions do not include all the prices of entries or various activities, visitors remain free to participate in paid activities at their own expense. When paying activities we will stay close to our visitors to finish or complete the excursion of the day.

One day excursion, plan a tourist spot to visit, a walk and no more than two destinations per day excursion with a distance of approximately 120 km, the 120 km is a non-contractual but reasonable approximation that we try to respect. do not plan for minimum daily mileage see (1 *)

Advantage of the excursion formula:

You only "rent" the car and the valet service for the day, so you avoid paying for days with a car in the parking lot for your days of relaxation in the garden or other days off. You benefit from a driver more accustomed to the traffic on the island, less stress and time saved not looking for your destinations. It is also less expensive, especially during the high summer season and to the extent that the service does not cover the entire stay.

Disadvantages of the formula:

The formula provides for a minimum of organization and must be planned a minimum in advance and to the extent of our availability if they have not been booked in advance.

The formula is not of great interest if you want to travel and discover the island every day, and if you have a pressing need for freedom.